Monday, January 14, 2013

A Sunrise of Wonder

Yesterday, Sunday, January 13, 2013 I  joined a group of riders from Columbia, SC who were taking a short notice ride to the SeeWee Seafood Restaurant on Hwy 17, just on the edge of the Francis Marion National Forest northeast of Charleston, SC.  I have never been to or heard of this place in 71 years of knowing SC.

So, I was excited about the ride and the food.  The plan was for me to meet the other riders in West Columbia at Micky Dees on the corner of I-26 and Charleston Highway.  It would have been easy to hop on I-20, transition to I-26 and meet the guys and gals at McDonalds.  Out of habit, I chose not to go via the slab but opted for the back roads.  Not out of habit, I decided to wear my video cam on my helmet for this trip.  These two actions netted me some really spectacular views of a sunrise from which I chopped out several snapshots which are part of this posting.  If I can get the darn thing uploaded to my blog site, all will be Jake.  The resolution of the pics is not good enough to use full screen .