Friday, April 27, 2012

Photos from  Natchez
Mammy's since the turn of the previous century.


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 A beautiful vase.
 Second Floor of Longwood House

 Back yard in Natchez

Back yard in Natchez

 Third floor of Longwood House

Second Floor briefing

 Second Floor veranda through insect screening

 Mason's archway form still in place.

 Looking straight up through all levels of the rotunda.

 Third floor disrepair.

Margaret on the Veranda with the wood carved columns.

Big live oak off the veranda.

 Hand carved filigree on columns

 Pieces of cedar cut to the same size of the bricks is laid with bricks but is used to screw the hinges for the very tall doors.

Structural support for window arches.

Beautiful bench among Spanish Moss on the oaks.

 More flora.

 obstructed stairs to third floor of rotunda.

 The grounds of Longwood House.

Al, Doug and Margaret waiting for me to finish my picture taking.

 Natchez cemetery is well stocked with Confederate dead.

 Confederate Cross of Honor.

 Confederate Cross of Honor.

 Elaborate tomb of Confederate dead.

 The big muddy from the bluff.

 Note shear cliff to left of fence.

Barge traffic upstream.

Al and Doug's favorite source for home decor.

Roman Catholic Basilica of Natchez.

 Roman Catholic Basilica of Natchez.

Ramos Gin Fiz recipe.